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Dynamic news

Jiangnan ancient garden buildings step in Taiwan


Just after Lantern Festival of 2015, the employees of Changzhou Yuan Jing Ancient Architecture Engineering Co., Lit arrived at Taiwan, have started the ancient garden buildings engineering in Xinzhu of  Taiwan for keeping an appointment.

The proprietor of this trip is Yecun Construction Company, the famous construction enterprise in Taiwan, its consummate building professional level and a great deal of experience are praised by people in the industry, in recent years, the company has won “the highest national construction award-- Gold medal award” in Taiwan every year with the mode “one case, one reward” and exquisite craftsmanship.

In the project of Changzai Jiangnan mansion in Xinzhu City, they took example by Suzhou classical garden style and absorbed the essence of Jiangnan garden building, striving to make it become the fineness model of classical garden architectures in Taiwan. During the three years, since the project was designed and constructed, the senior staffs of Yecun construction Company have leaded design team went to the mainland and communicated with Changzhou Yuan Jin Company, made screening and carefully chosen for the whole materials and workmanship, finally, all the wood, brick, tile and stone components of ancient architecture were produced well and passed the acceptance inspection, and made encasement for sending to Taiwan before the spring festival of the year of goat.