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Dynamic news

Chinatown Pailou Project Opening Ceremony in Manila City of the Philippines


Before Chinese Calendar Spring Festival, Estrada, the former president of the Philippines, the current mayor of Manila City and Hong Yingzhong, the councilman of Manila Parliament took part in the opening Ceremony for the project of Chinatown Pailou in Manila City.

Chinatown Pailou as a landmark which is one of the celebration activities for Manila government of the Philippines and Guangzhou government of China have become friendship cities for 30 years, it marks the friendship between the people of Manila and people of Guangzhou, and strengthen economic and trade contacting and cultural exchange and cooperation between the two cities further!

The Chinatown Pailou is the traditional imitations of Qing-dynasty-style building with three pillars and two gates, which is “seven floors and seven steps”, and is cooperative designed and constructed at full blast by Jiangsu Yuan Jing Ancient Architecture Engineering Co., Ltd of China and government engineering department of Manila City.